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Who We Are
Leading the Way for Your Direct Mail We are a service organization made up of individuals who take personal responsibility for performing our services with a continued commitment to quality production of our customers’ mailing projects. Our growth has been driven by customer needs. It is those needs that propel us to continually strive to meet and exceed expectations. Amzo is a woman owned business enterprise (WBE), CERTIFIED by the City of Chicago as well as other governmental agencies. The benefit of working with certified professionals is knowing we have acquired a level of achievement recognized within our industry to assist you in all mailing matters. This commitment to excellence leads to customer satisfaction which builds lasting relationships and enables us to continually evaluate and improve our performance.

Who We Represent
Amzo Zip Mailing Services, Inc. performs it’s services for leading associations, corporations, educational, financial and technological institutions, printing companies, non-profits, municipalities and other varied organizations.

What We Do
Included in our service offerings are inkjet addressing, laser personalization, inline wafer sealing, metering, folding, and inserting. Electronic package fulfillment and warehousing can be custom designed to meet client specifications. List procurement and database management for all of your direct marketing projects. Media conversion/programming, CASS certification and NCOA that results in cost effective mailings.

How We Communicate
We want communication between us to be as easy as possible. Whatever your preference, E-mail, web site, voice mail, phone or fax, we are here and we are responsive to your needs.

Our Promise
To provide you with mailing services generated with state of the art technology from computer analysis to final processing.


  • Working with professionals who will analyze each mailing project to include:

    • Design

    • Cost effective production

    • Postage options

    • One on one communications/reporting and follow up

    • Timely scheduling and processing

  • Enhance business efficiency and profitability

  • Maintain professional and ethical standards for mailing and fulfillment

  • Education of ever changing rates and procedures for mailing