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Managing your mailing list and creating effective mailings can become a cumbersome task. We can help. Concerned you may not have the most current addresses? Need to combine numerous lists into one database? What about people appearing on the list more than once? Want to mail to only a certain segment of your database? Looking for ways to reduce your mailing budget? Want your mailings to have a more personalized approach? No matter what your concern, we have a solution.

NCOA helps you keep track of customers or prospects who have moved. Your list is compared to the USPS National Change of Address File. The file contains Change of Address Orders for the previous 3 years. Any records on your list that match the file will be appended to include the current address. NCOA processing maximizes your mailing budget by reducing nondeliverable pieces and by getting your mail delivered to the new address the first time rather than having to use more costly endorsements to obtain address corrections. We can provide printout and electronic data to assist you in analyzing your in-house database for any changes that may be needed.

List Procurement
AMZO ZIP MAILING SERVICES offers specialized list services to assure that you are reaching the correct local, national and international prospect for your business, consumer or residential market. Available lists include:

  • Census Track

  • Compiled List

  • Response Lists

  • SIC Code Selection

  • Specialized Targeting

Request Counts
To submit a request for Counts, please send us an email with a description of your request.

Database Management
Once you submit your various data sources, we will compile a complete database by:

  • creating consistent fields of information for ease of sortation/selectivity;

  • standardizing the case of the data (upper or mixed);

  • parsing out unnecessary fields

  • coding lists or records as required for ease of sortation/selectivity;

  • standardizing addresses/zip codes.

Once your list has been compiled we can provide you with print-outs and/or electronic data in most any format. On-going maintenance is also available. We will maintain the list on-site and you need only provide us with the selectivity you would like to use for individual mailings. In preparation for each mailing we will review your selected list, we can detect and remove duplicates based on name, company, address or any other requirement you may have. We can code each list to help you track list performance and to identify mailing responses.

Postal Savings
Each list is processed to obtain the lowest possible postage by utilizing CASS software. Addresses are standardized and Zip+4 appended so that the piece can be barcoded. In addition to reducing the postage, barcoding expedites delivery of the piece even when being mailed standard class.
To verify that the design of your piece qualifies for automation click here.
To view postal savings available with automation click here.

Drop Shipments
Postage savings can be obtained by delivering sorted mail to the post office closest to the destination of the pieces. We will review your mailing list and advise when additional savings can be secured by making deliveries to multiple post offices.

Personalized Mailings
To add more individuality to your mailings, try personalizing them. We will merge contact and/or company names, codes, addresses and any other data for inclusion in your mailing piece. The more personal data you add to your mailing, the better your response rate from the recipients. The ability to insert a digitized signature along with variable text gives your marketing letter or package that special look that says you are important and we have taken care in contacting you with our message. Get the message out, get the message read and get a response! On your next mailing or marketing project, try personalizing:

  • Letters

  • Invitations to Special Events

  • Membership Materials

  • Invoicing

  • Surveys

Let an AMZO ZIP professional analyze your mailing project, customize your data to enhance your message, deliver your mailing piece cost effectively and on time!