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Except as required to enclose the permit, no printing may appear about or to the right of the permit information when the indicia is printed directly on the mailpiece or within the address area or on the address label.

Decorative designs intended to be part of the indicia may appear below or to the left of the permit information in an area extending no farther than 4 ½” to the left of the right edge, and 1 ½” below the top edge of the mailpiece, address area or address label as applicable. This design must not resemble or imitate any postage imprints, stamp or other postage payment method and may not include words, symbols or designs used by the USPS to identify a class of mail, rate of postage or level of service unless such elements are correctly used under the applicable standards for the mailpiece on which they appear and the corresponding postage and fees have been paid.

Indicia printed on the mailpiece or within the address area may not be smaller than 4-point type. Indicia printed on address labels must be legible from a normal reading distance.