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Political Campigns

Direct mail marketing campaigns are the most successful and proven method of getting your message out to the voters. It is also the most economical method. There is no better way to consistently reach and influence your desired constituency than by repetitive direct mail marketing.

AMZO, a Chicago and Woodstock based Woman's Business Enterprise certified by city and state agencies, has a history of providing high quality mailing services to political organizations like yours for their most critical campaign marketing/mailing projects.

Whether your message to the voting public is a postcard, personalized letter, information packet, or survey, we have the experience and expertise to handle your project.

In fact, we are privileged to have worked with many other Chicago and suburban political organizations during past elections on their successful direct mail marketing campaigns.

AMZO's specialty is expedited data processing, exceptional turn around time regardless of quantity, on time delivery and the ability to save our clients money on their mailing projects by way of significant postage discounts. We also specialize in list procurement for your desired target audience.

We now offer through our strategic union printing partner American Campaigns a true one stop source for all your campaign needs.

We would be pleased to meet with you at your earliest convenience to share how AMZO can help make your next political campaign mailing project a success! Please call.

(773) 235-3400 or (815) 337-3422